Dual functionality - saves time!
H.O.P.E is a dual functional pen that will help you save over 10 crucial minutes in a single entrance exam. H.O.P.E writes smoothly from the front end while the rear end is used to mark the OMR bubbles in one go, instead of wasting time colouring them.

H.O.P.E costs just Rs. 60!
On an average, every student pays over Rs. 500 for just one hour of lecture in a coaching institute. In that context, Rs. 60 is negligible - because H.O.P.E helps you save over 10 minutes in an exam where every second counts! And as we all know, time is priceless!

Innovative variants available!
We have many different variants to cater to the unique preferences of today’s creative youth! We guarantee that our designs are trendy and the first of their kind – designed by Lumium, a world famous design firm based out of Silicon Valley, USA.

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H.O.P.E saves at least 3-4 seconds per question, which are invaluable in any examination. In addition to this, H.O.P.E makes it really easy to fill the bubbles, thereby eliminating a tedious process.


Over a 3-hour standard exam, this translates to more than 10 crucial minutes being saved. This way, a student using H.O.P.E gets ten extra minutes than others to complete their exam, which is priceless.


H.O.P.E will ensure that time wastage is nil in the examination, leading to a 100% efficient performance. This will help the student to perform to the best of his/her potential, enabling them to have better a future!

Ergonomics? Check!
Because the pen needs to flipped from the writing position (precision grip) to the stamping position (power grip), H.O.P.E is highly ergonomic. It is engineered in such a manner as to accommodate the grip of any person’s hand. Furthermore, the grip provides a groove and a rubbery surface to increase friction which increases the comfort.

DSSM - first of its kind!
H.O.P.E uses a novel method called DSSM - Double-Spring Steel Mechanism – to ensure perfect accuracy and precision. Two separate springs are used as a backup system along with a metal head to ensure that the marking is foolproof – 100% precision guaranteed! The pen uses instantly drying waterproof ink, that is recommended by OMR experts!

Dual-toned appealing design!
The dual functionality of the pen is extended to it’s innovative design – not only are the colours dual toned, even the finish is dual - matte and glossy! With our stylish cap at the rear end, we have taken extra effort to make sure that H.O.P.E adds a unique aesthetic value as well.

Eliminates all obstacles!
Many students reported various problems with the current marking system – right from obvious issues like wastage of precious time, tearing of OMR sheets, smudging, etc to problems like wrist pain and finger soreness due to excessive usage. H.O.P.E eliminates all these obstacles, making it a smooth, comfortable and relaxed experience for the candidates.

In this competitive world, it is imperative that one secures their own future - in whatever field they choose. And because the college you study in plays a huge role in determining the future of your career, entrance exams are the key.

With the right preparation and ample amount of extra time given by H.O.P.E, there is no reason why you should not invest in your future. H.O.P.E is not just any pen product, it gives you a chance at a better future – a ray of hope.

Stop wasting time in the most important exam of your life!