Entrance Exams – the biggest hurdle a teenager can face!

At least 50 lakh students write entrance exams in India every year, primarily to get into top colleges for a degree. It is a brutally competitive rat race involving extreme stress and pressure, where every second matters. Wasting time here, is highly detrimental to one’s future.

Years are put into preparation, the stakes are high!

Most students start preparing around 2 or 4 years in advance for these entrance exams. This builds up to one single day, which can make or break your future. H.O.P.E is here to remove all obstacles from that one single day, and make it a great day for you.

Colouring of OMR Bubbles

Every question in an entrance exam is a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) having four different answer options. The students need to solve for the right answer, and then mark the corresponding answer bubble.

Wastage of crucial time

OMR bubbles are circular or oval in shape with a diameter of 3mm and are coloured using ball-point pens. The tip of these pens are around 0.5 mm in diameter, and hence takes a lot of time to colour a bubble.

Overall impact on the exam performance

In a standard exam, there are 180 questions which needs to be answered in 3 hours. On an average, a student takes 5-7 seconds to colour one bubble, which translates to over 20 minutes being spent only on dispensing the answers. This is a highly redundant and time consuming process

Entrance exams have become the windows to the world of quality education and successful careers. With the right preparation and ample amount of extra time given by H.O.P.E, you can have a bright future. We are here to provide you a ray of hope!