Presenting before you H.O.P.E - Hitech OMR Pen for Exams!

H.O.P.E is a dual functional pen that will help you save over 10 crucial minutes in a single entrance exam.

Dual functionality – writing and marking simplified!

Being highly ergonomic, H.O.P.E writes smoothly from the front end while the rear end is used to mark the OMR bubbles in one go, instead of wasting time colouring them.

A time-saving instrument at just Rs. 60!

On an average, every student pays over Rs. 500 for just one hour of lecture in a coaching institute. In that context, Rs. 60 is negligible - after all time is priceless!

Gain a competitive edge by saving time!

In a scenario where every second counts, H.O.P.E gives you 10 extra minutes in the most important exam of your life!

Watch Video

Demo of the initial rudimentary prototype we built months ago - not the final product - only for illustrative purposes!

Enhance your examination performance with H.O.P.E!

Most likely, you’ve started preparing for these entrance exams either 2 or 4 years in advance. When there is so much on the line, it’s ill-advised to waste time on the D-day!

Students spend 20 minutes in marking answers – not anymore!

In an exam where literally every second counts, this can lead to bad results. H.O.P.E gives you that extra time that will enable you to perform better!


Here's what people have to say about us!

Having prepared with difficulty for 4 years for my JEE exams, I definitely think my performance could’ve been better if I had more time in my exam. I wish I had such a pen when I was writing my entrance exam. Must buy!

In my entrance exam even though I knew the answer, I couldn’t mark 4-5 questions just because the time was over. I think I would’ve gotten a much better rank otherwise. Back then, my dream was to get into IIT, and with this pen, it would’ve been possible.

These days competitive exams are a race against time - as many questions, as many minutes. The stress on the kids is too much and darkening the bubbles takes quite a bit of their precious time. But here we have H.O.P.E, the perfect solution to this problem as students will now get more time to find answers.

As a parent, I only want my kid to perform to the best of his/her ability. My son is studying in 12th standard currently, and has dreams of getting into the best medical college in Bangalore. Thanks to H.O.P.E, my son is more confident now!

About Us

Yogesh Suresh

CEO, Co - Founder

Mueez Ahmed

Co - Founder

Couldn’t finish our entrance exam within the time, very frustrated! Put on our creative caps, built first few prototypes.

Pitched across the country at prestigious institutes like IIMB, IIT Madras, BITS Pilani – won 1.2 lakh in prize money!

Got funded and partnered with Cocoon Ventures - a Dubai based Venture Capital firm – H.O.P.E is on its way!


Currently, every single pen is carefully being manufactured with utmost precision. After all, H.O.P.E is going to change your life and we want the best for you! H.O.P.E will be available in the first week of January 2018, so pre-order right now. Initially, because we want to ensure 100% quality and satisfaction and are expecting huge demand, we will be producing 1 lakh pens only. So hurry up before it’s too late!

H.O.P.E is not just any pen product, it is a lifeline that gives you a chance at a better future. We are here to provide you a ray of hope, all you have to do is pre-order now!

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